Valencian Community offers Government more financing to offset inflation

Several autonomous administrators led by the PSOE, such as the Canary Islands, Castilla-La Mancha and the Balearic Islands, presented a letter to the Ministry of Finance at the Finance and Fiscal Policy Council this Wednesday. Funding mechanism for communities similar to the Covid Fund Organized in 2020 and 2021, Dealing with the economic situation caused by inflation flow. A claim similar to the one brought to the CPFF by the Valencia Minister of Finance, David SpainThis calls for a temporary fund to attract more resources from the State in a still complex macroeconomic context.

That’s what different socialist regional councilors say in their statements to the media after entering the Fiscal and Fiscal Policy Council meeting this Wednesday to address, among other things, the spending ceiling and deficit loosening. aim.

In this context, Canary Islands Finance Minister Román Román Román Román Román Román Román Román Román Román Román Rodriguez was the first to raise the possibility of creating this fund, which can be called “covid or anti-inflation”, to combat the “high blood pressure” caused by the crisis. current economic situation.

Similarly, the Balearic Islands Treasury Secretary Rosario Sánchez expressed who is waiting to see what the central government’s collection estimates are and who, as he himself said, will propose to see how the State is doing. accompanies communities for expenses arising from price increases.

regional financing

Similarly, some socialist-led communities insisted on the need to reform the autonomous financing model, although this point was not on the agenda of the Fiscal and Fiscal Policy Council meeting.

However, Castilla-La Mancha Treasury Minister Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina believes it would be appropriate for the Treasury to initiate this Covid-like compensation mechanism while these efforts are being made to change the regional financing system. Fund, capital.

It is an approach that was well received by Minister Arcadi Spain, who made his debut at this meeting and emphasized once again the “need” to complete the reform of the financing model and urged the ministry to respond “now” to the allegations. communities to your offer.

Spain advanced its main Valencia claims on Tuesday, in addition to a sweeping reform of the model, the implementation of an asymmetrical gap between autonomies and a review of the regions’ historic debts.

Reference rate

Regarding the easing of the Autonomous communities’ deficit target to 0.3%, the Canarian legislator considers this to be “inadequate” because a lower deficit quota is assumed than the State’s, and he hopes there will be an internal debate for it. Fiscal Policy Council meeting.

In addition, the Castilla-La Mancha councilor deems this clear target of the autonomous communities insufficient, while the reference rate of the central government will be 3.2%.

On the contrary, Extremadura Finance Minister Pilar Blanco believes the 0.3% easing is “something well worth welcoming to face the new macroeconomic scenario and guarantee public services to citizens”.

Source: Informacion


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