Balance in the Courts: Between the measures taken in the face of the crisis and the erosion of the “Oltra case”

All groups represented Valencia Courts Agree when it comes to pointing out that this political route is very complex as they face the outbreak of a war that has caused a huge spike in energy prices as the consequences of the pandemic continue to be tackled. continued to fuel inflation. Compromís and Unides Podem, two of Botànic’s three partners PSPV-PSOE He points out that he will not present his analysis of the course until Thursday, highlighting the work to implement social policies that help those most affected by the economic situation. For the opposition, however, the pandemic can no longer be used as an excuse, reminding the erosion caused by the case that led to Mónica Oltra’s departure, continuing to warn of the plight of supervised minors. Highlight deficiencies in generalitat and health.

“The change in the model promoted since 2015 is supported by job creation”

Papi Robles – Trustee of Settlement

His balance agree Valencians consider the political year in Parliament a positive one, as they think it contributes to the strengthening of public services. “The community has been the autonomy that has engaged the most people in the addiction care system since the pandemic began,” the trustees emphasize, father oakReversal of Torrevieja Hospital, rescue of ITV, Volkswagen gigafactory or agreement with Ford are also among the milestones. For the last part of Comprom’s legislature, laws such as the tourism tax and Climate Change, Circular Economy or Equality are marked among its goals.

“Our greatest concern is the lives of citizens in a context as difficult as it is now”

Pilar Lima – Unides Podem Board of Trustees

Inside ABOVE They also highlight the current state of the energy crisis and inflation and its board of trustees, column limeargues that its priority is “citizens’ lives in an extremely complex context”. That’s why the purple formation talks about “stepping on the gas to protect people”. In its dedication to intimacy, Botànic’s partner recalls, every Friday and Saturday, they “kick” the Community’s municipalities, towns and neighborhoods. They also held discussions in Alicante and Valencia where they discussed issues such as the energy crisis, inflation or ecological transition.

“Working in the social and economic fields that will determine the future of the community”

Carlos Mazón – President of PPCV

The right-wing opposition offers its proposals as an alternative government. PPCVthe president spoke Carlos Mazon, after meeting with the group at Cortes last week. The Alicante man expresses his concern “about the health slump that has worsened this summer” in a commitment to a more social discourse. Mazón regrets that “SAMU is without a doctor in 40% of cases, has closed wards and waiting lists continues to increase, social services do not receive help, and addiction continues to increase.”

“We’ve seen the internal conflict between the approval of the tourist tax and the Consell partners”

Ruth Merino – Citizens’ Board of Trustees

For citizensthis political route has not been as pronounced by the pandemic as before, and “But Botànic has not resolved health and social policy issues”, points out the board of trustees, Ruth Merino. Liberals describe the situation in health centers and hospitals this summer as “absolute chaos”, while describing the Development Plan as “fraud” because they predict that “thousands of children” will follow the next path in the barracks. For the orange formation, the tourist tax debate proves internal differences in Consell and they demand work to lower taxes for the next political cycle.

“Families will have serious problems until the end of the month due to illegal inflation”

Ana Vega – Vox’s Board of Trustees

Since sound the accent has been placed on corruption, since the board of trustees, Main VegaIn addition to saving Oltra’s complicated exit, it mentions cases like the ones that splashed Ximo Puig’s brother or the Azud conspiracy. The critical economic moment is also used by Vox in their arguments, and Vega emphasizes that “families will have serious problems with runaway inflation towards the end of the month.” Their proposals aim to combat citizen mistrust and illegal occupation.

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