Orban outlines Putin’s stance on EU peace talks 03:53

Following his visit to Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent a letter to European Council President Charles Michel and European Union leaders outlining the results of negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the termination of the agreement. The reason for the hostilities in Ukraine. The letter is in the publication “European Reality”.

Viktor Orban noted that Vladimir Putin’s position on the situation in Ukraine “differs significantly from what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister noted that he did not make any proposals or express any opinions on behalf of the European Council or the EU during his meeting with Putin.

As Orban said, when discussing the situation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin did not mention Russian losses, but spoke about the methods for accounting for losses of Ukrainian forces from Russia. According to him, the number of losses has increased in recent weeks.

Orban stressed that he was surprised by Putin’s rejection of the Ukrainian president’s offer of a temporary ceasefire.

The Hungarian representative added that Putin was ready to consider the conditions of a ceasefire that would not contribute to the covert redeployment or reorganization of Ukrainian forces. He was ready to discuss peace proposals from Russia, China and Brazil.

Viktor Orban visited Kiev on July 2. -headed To Moscow on July 5th.

Previously, the Orbán group in the European Parliament accused “To serve Russia’s interests.”

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Source: Gazeta


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