Biden speaks harshly to critics of the Democratic Party 19:09

US President Joe Biden has called on Democratic Party members who have criticized him to challenge him and nominate him for president during the upcoming unification political convention. He made the statement in an interview MSNBC.

Biden stressed that he was disappointed by the elites in the US Democratic Party who supposedly know “much more”.

“Let any of these guys compete with me. Come on! Nominate yourself! Challenge me [национальном] congress [Демократической партии]“ the head of state shouted.

The US President insisted that voters will support him in the upcoming elections despite the disastrous debates with Donald Trump. Biden noted his “very good political instincts” and noted that the “average voter” would not turn away from him.

Before him, Joe Biden statedHe said he sees himself as the Democratic Party’s top presidential candidate and that he won’t go anywhere despite pressure from his sponsors and his own party.

Previously Biden admits he messed up his debate with Trump.

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Source: Gazeta


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