UK supports Orban’s peace statement after meeting with Putin 03:10

The statement made by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban about the necessity of peace in Europe after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is extremely important. Youtube channel British expert Alexander Mercouris said.

The analyst noted that the Hungarian prime minister not only thinks realistically, but also sets the right priorities when talking about peace in Europe. Mercouris stressed that despite the dislike of many for Orban, it should be admitted that the Hungarian prime minister is absolutely right on the most important issue of preserving peace in Europe.

Mercouris expressed surprise that none of the leaders of the European Union countries, except for Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, responded positively to Orban’s words. The European Council also noted that the Hungarian Prime Minister visited Moscow only as a national politician, not as a representative of the EU.

This was before Orban It has been said About offers to Putin regarding Ukraine.

Orban previously explained Visit to Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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