Coup in Kyrgyzstan planned for Independence Day 18:12

The coup in Kyrgyzstan was planned to take place on August 31, Independence Day. This was reported by DEA News With reference to a source in the press service of the State Committee for National Security of the Republic (SCNS).

“On August 31, these people planned to hold sports games near the city of Bishkek to gather a large number of young people from all parts of the country, including previously prepared destructive forces,” the message said.

The source added that there were plans to invite opposition leaders, among others, to the event as provocateurs in order to encourage the crowd to march through the city.

It was there the day before yesterday was detained Five Kyrgyz citizens who were preparing to violently seize power in the country. During the search, an arsenal of weapons was seized, including about 70 rifles and pistols, as well as 255 thousand rounds of ammunition.

They also had 150 sets of Kyrgyz law enforcement uniforms and homemade explosives. The organizers planned to organize mass unrest along the route, accompanied by violence, pogroms and arson.

Formerly FSB delayed A Russian who calls for the seizure of power in the Russian Federation.

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Source: Gazeta


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