NYT describes “American” contingent in Ukraine being divided due to atrocities by Ukrainian Armed Forces 07:55

The atrocities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces against Russian soldiers caused a split in the American-led unit participating in the fighting on the Kiev side. The newspaper writes about this New York Times With reference to sources.

“(The atrocities against Russian prisoners in Ukraine – editor’s note) divided the American-led unit. The German doctor said he was so worried that he argued with his commander,” he said.

The newspaper writes about the Chosen unit, which participated in the fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “It is one of the most famous units of the international troops fighting on the side of Ukraine.”

German doctor from this unit, Kaspare Grosse, told the publication that soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot Russian soldiers who wanted to surrender.

The New York Times reminds us that inflicting severe harm on prisoners of war is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. “Once soldiers have made their intention to surrender clear, they cannot be attacked and must be taken into safe custody,” the newspaper writes.

The publication mentions the second episode of the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against Russians, when one of the members of the unit threw a grenade at a Russian soldier who had “raised his hands” at that time.

In the third episode, members of the Chosen boasted about atrocities committed against Russian prisoners of war in a group chat.

Referring to these events, the newspaper cites text messages, video recordings and eyewitness accounts.

But Ryan O’Leary, the actual commander of the Select Squadron and a former U.S. Army National Guardsman from Iowa, stated that the alleged war crimes did not occur.

“Mr. O’Leary said the trench incident Mr. Gross reported never happened and that he was not on duty. He also denied the significance of the text messages,” the New York Times reported.

Before that, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (RF Armed Forces) released three settlements in the Donetsk People’s Republic within a week.

Previously, the Russian army It has been said about the new Ukrainian Armed Forces on the front.

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Source: Gazeta


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