Biden to cut evening activities from work schedule to get more sleep 22:52

US President Joe Biden said at a meeting with Democratic governors that he plans to exclude activities after 8pm from his work schedule so he can have more time to sleep. The TV channel reports this CNNby quoting sources.

The channel’s sources say that the president’s statement disappointed many governors whom the president wanted to convince that he could effectively govern the country for another four years.

It was noted that the governors’ meeting came almost a week after Biden’s disastrous fallout with Donald Trump, and the late timing of the event was one reason for the president’s poor performance.

July 4th President Biden acceptedHe said he “blew it” during a televised debate with his rival Donald Trump.

The first televised pre-election debate between Democratic and Republican presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump took place at the CNN studio in Atlanta on the evening of June 27. Many considered Biden’s performance a failure, especially among the editorial board of the New York Times, America’s largest publication. in the name Biden’s withdrawal from the election race.

Previously, Democrats in the US We are discussing not a possibility, but a way to replace Biden.

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Source: Gazeta


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