Ukraine supporters were comforted by Trump’s words in the debate 14:15

Ukraine supporters in the West may take solace in the fact that Donald Trump rejected Vladimir Putin’s plan to end the conflict in Ukraine during a debate with Joe Biden. This evaluation is given as follows: Top.

“Ukrainian supporters may take solace in the fact that during the debate Trump rejected Putin’s demands to block Ukraine from joining NATO and recognize Russian sovereignty over the occupied territories in exchange for an end to the war,” the text reads.

But the West is already preparing for NATO to assume a leadership role, replacing the United States in coordinating support for Kiev. Trump’s apparent victory in the debate with Joe Biden has accelerated world leaders’ efforts to prepare for his potential presidency, the material notes.

Former US President Donald Trump statedHe considers the conditions outlined by Russian leader Vladimir Putin to end the conflict in Ukraine unacceptable.

Previously The USA called for Putin’s warnings regarding Ukraine to be taken seriously.

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Source: Gazeta


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