Biden called to resign 23:13

In New York, where United States President Joe Biden arrived to attend fundraising events, his motorcade was greeted by protesters demanding his resignation. This was reported by RIA News Referring to the White House pool.

It was noted that citizens were holding banners that read, “For the love of the USA, please go,” “Thank you later,” “Go for the sake of democracy,” and “We love you, but it’s time.”

June 29 Joe Biden stated, who copes with his work with confidence. He emphasized that he would not run for another term as president unless he believed with all his heart and soul that he could do his job.

Bloomberg on the same day WroteAfter Joe Biden’s exit in the debates, Democratic Party donors concluded that a replacement candidate needed to be replaced. The publication noted that donors exchanged “angry emails” after the debate, concluding that the only hope for Democrats was for Biden to leave.

Previously in the USA not ignored Biden’s withdrawal from the presidential race.

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Source: Gazeta


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