US admits it will never accept Ukraine into NATO 10:56

The North Atlantic Alliance does not intend to accept Ukraine because it does not want a direct conflict with Russia. An American publication writes about this News Week.

“At this point it should be absolutely clear that the alliance does not want Ukraine to join its ranks,” the publication said.

The publication states that the North Atlantic Alliance is not ready to enter into a direct conflict with Russia, so NATO is ready to continue its policy of financial and military support to Ukraine without joining the Kiev bloc.

Ukraine will “probably continue to wait indefinitely” for NATO membership, in the face of continued promises from Western politicians, the newspaper said.

Formerly retired US Army officer Daniel Davis statedThey understand that NATO countries have made unrealistic promises to Ukraine about joining the North Atlantic Alliance, because if events develop this way, they will have to fight with Russia.

He believes that most alliance members, including Germany and France, would not vote for Kiev’s NATO membership if they knew they would have to comply with Article 5, which deals with collective defense.

Former American professor warnedUkraine is in big trouble.

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Source: Gazeta


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