“A very busy night”: Another part of Ukraine’s energy sector was destroyed. Due to the Russian attack, Ukrainians’ electricity began to be cut off early 06/22/2024, 18:00

At night, Russia attacked all regions of Ukraine. reported Operational command of the Polish armed forces in X.

“It was a very busy night for the entire Polish air defense system, as Russia’s massive long-range missile strike covered the entire territory of Ukraine, including areas bordering Poland,” the command said.

Due to what happened, Poland took its own and allied planes into the sky in the early hours of the morning. Residents in the southeastern part of the country were warned against loud sounds coming from planes. A few hours later, the commander reported that the attack was over. Polish and allied fighters returned to base.

The Polish military said Russia “intensively” used long-range aviation, ballistic and cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Coups were carried out, including in western Ukraine. Ukrainian Navy Spokesperson Dmitry Pletenchuk stated that Russia used Caliber class missiles. It was claimed to have been launched from the Sea of ​​Azov for the first time.

“This is an important turning point because, as you can see, they [россияне] they see it as a safer water area than the Black Sea… But perhaps they forget that Azov is also quite close to us,” Pletenchuk threatened.

What was shot?

Russian Ministry of Defense reportedIt carried out a “group attack with precision weapons” on Ukraine’s energy sector. The ministry announced that the facilities supplying energy to local enterprises of the military-industrial complex are striking. The massive attack was carried out in response to attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to damage Russian energy facilities.

There are also warehouses with Western ammunition in Ukraine and dronesincluding water ones.

“The goals of the strike were achieved. The Ministry of Defense reported that all the identified targets were hit.

Ukrainian media writes that the Russian army damaged equipment in the Zaporozhye and Lvov regions.

“Unfortunately, two energy engineers were injured as a result of the bombardment of one of the facilities. They were hospitalized,” the Ministry of Energy said.

Due to the consequences of the June 22 attack throughout Ukraine started earlier Hourly outage schedules. The Ukrainian Ministry of Energy reported importing 33,559 MWh from European countries; This is a new record.

In addition to energy targets, the Ivano-Frankivsk University of Oil and Gas (once one of the leading universities in the USSR) came under fire for the first time. Ukrainian rescue teams stated that one of the educational buildings was partially destroyed and others were damaged.

The state of Ukrainian energy

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky June 11 accepted80 percent of thermal electricity production and one third of hydroelectric production in the country disappeared. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal in early June warnedThe country faces years of forced energy conservation.

“Our goal is to save money at all levels, from large businesses to individual homes and apartments,” Shmygal emphasized.

Before the conflict, Ukraine was among Europe’s leading electricity producers. Now the country loss More than half of production capacity. Financial Times evaluated that Russia carried out a series of successful attacks in this direction. A Ukrainian official, one of the interlocutors of the publication, noted that Ukrainians should “prepare for a cold and dark life.”

Ukrenergo has implemented energy consumption limits in all regions as of June 2. As everywhere else, emergency shutdowns began for industrial and domestic consumers. “This is due to the difficult situation in the energy system,” the organization said.

Oleg Popenko, head of the Ukrainian Union of Consumers of Utilities, warned that starting from July, electricity in the country may begin to be cut for ten hours every day. He explained that the situation would only become more critical and advised citizens to abandon hopes of reducing restrictions.

What are you thinking?

Russia carried out a powerful attack on Ukraine’s energy facilities and military depots. The blow was so serious that neighboring Poland panicked and immediately took action with warplanes, just in case. In Ukraine, they said that Russia launched Caliber missiles from the Sea of ​​Azov for the first time. The Ukrainian Armed Forces hinted that they might attack this water area.

Source: Gazeta


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