“The United States has great respect for this country.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegation arrived in Vietnam immediately after Putin’s visit. Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the United States as a strategic partner and announced that there are strong ties between the countries. 14:51

USA and Vietnam have never been this close stated Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink spoke to reporters during his official trip to the republic. The American official arrived in the country the day after Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s visit.

“The United States has great respect for Vietnam. Only Vietnam can decide how to secure its sovereignty and advance its national interests,” Krietenbrink said after journalists asked what the United States thought about Vietnam’s foreign policy.

The diplomat noted that both countries have a comprehensive strategic partnership. Cooperation has been established between them in almost every field, from economy to security. Kritenbrink added that the prosperity of the republic and a “successful Vietnam” were part of Washington’s national interest.

“U.S.-Vietnam relations have never been as strong as they are now… I believe strategic trust is at an all-time high.

“This is perhaps the most important fundamental element of the partnership,” emphasized the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He explained that both Vietnam and the United States equally want to see a world “based on respect for international law, based on the belief that disputes will be resolved peacefully.” As Krietenbrink points out, Vietnam and other states “should continue to emphasize the importance” of the UN convention on respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries.

Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son during his visit to the United States approvedThe republic sees the United States as a strategically important partner.

“Vietnam is ready to develop a comprehensive strategic partnership with the United States that meets the interests of the people of both countries, based on respect for each other’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political institutions,” the minister reported, Vietnam Plus reported. location.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs added that his country has strengthened its relations with the White House, which contributes to the stability and development of the region.

Results of Putin’s trip to Vietnam

The Russian President visited the country on June 19-20, immediately after his trip to North Korea. at vietnamese parties signed a number of documents, in particular the phrase “On further deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership.” Both countries agreed, among other things, not to enter into alliances against each other.

“We agreed to strengthen cooperation in line with the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.”

stated To President Lam.

The president also stated that states will “increase regular contacts.” They will pass through governments, parties, parliaments and various ministries.

Russia and Vietnam also agreed to cooperate through the Ministries of Justice, tax services and customs. The parties will jointly develop laboratory infrastructure to combat epidemic diseases. Additionally, a nuclear science and technology center is being built in Vietnam with the participation of Rosatom. Relations are also being developed in the field of education; The signed documents include agreements between Russian RANEPA, HSE, FEFU and Vietnamese universities.

Putin, on the other hand, noted that Vietnam and Russia together oppose closed military-political blocs in the Asia-Pacific region. HE in the name Past negotiations were constructive.

“I agree that the negotiations indeed took place in a constructive and business-like atmosphere. Putin stated that the main areas of bilateral cooperation were discussed in detail during the meeting and the most urgent international and regional issues were also touched upon.

Western reaction

Vietnam accepts Putin ignored Bloomberg wrote about the US call. The US Embassy in Hanoi requested that “no country provide Putin with a platform for propaganda”. Financial Times and CNN also reported that the USA was disturbed by Putin’s visit to Vietnam.

“The visit shows that Vietnam is actively implementing its foreign policy in the spirit of independence and independence,” the republican government said. said.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Putin “has love and respect for the country and people of Vietnam” and that is why he visited the state for the fifth time.

Putin’s trips to Vietnam and North Korea brought America’s worst fears to fruition. stated U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel. According to him, Russia aims to become the “main organizer” of states not controlled by the United States.

The Kremlin announced that Russia offered partners a cooperation “without any conflicts with third countries”.

“We have no doubt that the United States will put pressure on all our partners,” said Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s press secretary.

What are you thinking?

The United States responded to Putin’s visit to Vietnam by sending a deputy foreign minister to the republic. Daniel Kritenbrink said that the White House has great respect for this country and that the United States currently has the strongest relationship with this country in history. Vietnam did not deny that it saw the Americans as strategically important partners. At the same time, the republic does not give up relations with Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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