Germany’s stance blocked agreement on the EU’s next sanctions package against the Russian Federation 00:13

Permanent representatives of the European Union countries could not agree on the next package of anti-Russian sanctions due to Germany’s stance. The agency reported that Reuters.

German officials are demanding clarity on whether European companies should be held responsible for violating restrictions on the Russian Federation, sources told reporters. The next meeting of EU ambassadors will be held on 19 June.

June 12 USA extended Sanctions against the Russian technology sector. The new restrictions concern various aspects of the IT market. These are, in particular, restrictions on the supply of industrial software to Russia and Belarus, the provision of IT services to individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation, and certain Russian companies.

The other day, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. statedIn accordance with Moscow’s new proposal, all sanctions imposed by Western countries on the Russian Federation should be lifted as part of the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

Previously USA extended List of anti-Russian sanctions

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Source: Gazeta


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