A Russian diplomat explained that Latin America’s attitude towards the West has changed 06:05

There is increasing awareness of the destructive role of the West in Latin America. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to Paraguay Alexander Pisarev. RIA News.

According to him, most Latin American countries adopt a neutral attitude towards the Ukrainian conflict.

“However, given the global nature of this crisis, in which Russia is opposed to the “collective West” countries led by the USA rather than Ukraine, and bearing in mind the experiences of the countries of the region, it is here (in Latin America) that the West is more concerned about Western neo-colonialism. its subversive role is becoming more accepted,” says the diplomat.

Pisarev also noted that there is a growing trend to strengthen the political independence of Latin American states in establishing ideology-free integration ties that benefit the region and not external actors. He also added that Latin American countries are gradually paving the way for the idea of ​​dedollarization.

Previously, Celso Amorim, Special Representative of the President of Brazil for International Affairs statedHe said that Brazilian officials want to help achieve peace in Ukraine and that this will only be possible by taking into account the interests of both sides of the conflict.

Previously Russia in the name The USA does not see Latin American countries as its “backyard”.

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Source: Gazeta


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