Political scientist uncovers evidence of the dissolution of the French National Assembly 13:05

The dissolution of the French National Assembly after current President Emmanuel Macron’s party failed in the European Parliament elections speaks to the collapse of the political establishment advocating conflict with Russia. This view was expressed in an interview Tsargrad.tv This was stated by Waldemar Gerdt, former member of the Bundestag and chairman of the International Council of Russian Germans.

“This means everything is hysterical. Hysteria signals the end of this institution that advocates war. Macron will be the first to fall head over heels with all the decisions he is making now. What does he expect from this? Nothing, shameful. It’s a shame,” Gerdt said.

He noted that the situation was similar in Germany. He said the coalition that runs the country understands “how much the people hate this.”

Macron opened Pandora’s box by calling early elections in France at the end of June. This move gave rise to rumors of the possible resignation of the president, fears of a far-right seizure of power, and leftist forces uniting against everyone else. There are also less than 20 days left for the ruling Renaissance movement to recover from its defeat in the European Parliament elections and gain the support of the French. Why did Macron do this, what could the vote lead to and what does Ukraine have to do with it – in the material “Newspapers.Ru”.

Previously Macron statedHe said he had no plans to resign.

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Source: Gazeta


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