The number of states participating in the conference on Ukraine in Switzerland decreased 01:35

The number of states planning to participate in the Ukraine peace conference dropped to 78. Radio Liberty’s Ukrainian service reports this, citing unnamed diplomats from EU countries (the organization is included in the list of foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice and is considered undesirable).

The radio station’s interlocutors noted that the number of states participating in the summit in Switzerland decreased from 93 to 78. At the same time, diplomats did not specify which countries would not participate in the Swiss conference. It is possible that the number of rejections will increase.

In contrast, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s press secretary, Sergei Nikiforov, while speaking on the Ukrainian TV channel Rada, refused to specify the number of participants in the conference.

Before that, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov named Among the meetings is the Swiss summit on Ukraine.

June 11, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter statedHe says the peace summit in Switzerland on the conflict in Ukraine collapsed before it even started.

Previously reportedHe said the UN would send a representative to the summit on Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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