RT military correspondents were at a meeting with the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Belousov 06/10/2024, 23:59

Head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Andrei Belousov and RT channel war correspondents Murad Gazdiev and Sargon Khadaya attended the meeting. Gazdiev wrote about this in his own book. telegram channel.

“Military correspondents met with Defense Minister Andrei Removich Belousov,” the publication states.

According to the journalist, “big changes” await everyone after the meeting of Russian war correspondents.

“We delivered everything you wanted. Both good and worse. Absolutely everything,” Gazdiev summarized.

On the eve of Belousov meets With war correspondents covering a special military operation in Ukraine. It was noted that the meeting between the new head of the Russian defense ministry and the officers was constructive and sincere. As stated in the publication, similar meetings will be held regularly.

Previously heads of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health discussed Medical care issues for SVO participants.

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Source: Gazeta


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