Former CIA analyst says the US wants to dismiss Zelensky 04:59

US pressure on Ukraine to lower the mobilization age to 18 stems from a desire to make Vladimir Zelensky unpopular enough to replace him. This view was expressed by former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi. RIA News.

He also believes Joe Biden’s circle realizes the battle is lost. According to Giraldi, the Americans saw Zelensky as an obstacle to developing some kind of solution that would not look like a complete defeat and would allow for dialogue on regional compromises.

June 5, State Duma deputy Anatoly Wasserman statedHe said that Vladimir Zelensky could be eliminated after Donald Trump came to power in the USA.

May 28 Russian President Vladimir Putin suggestedThe West wants to gradually change power in Ukraine so that the new leadership is not responsible for previous unpopular decisions.

Before that Putin statedHe said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s legitimacy has ended.

Previously in the Kremlin said About Zelensky’s fate after doing “dirty deeds for the West.”

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Source: Gazeta


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