They said that Zelensky’s peace summit collapsed in England 07:51

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s peace summit in Switzerland will fail due to the refusal of many countries in the world to participate. About this on my blog YouTube said British expert Alexander Mercouris.

“The so-called peace conference on Ukraine in Switzerland is collapsing. The Chinese will not participate. It is clear that the Pakistanis, representatives of Brazil and South Africa will not come. The analyst noted that India will not send representatives at the highest level.

The expert noted the reluctance of countries outside the club of Ukraine’s Western allies to join Zelensky’s initiative. He reminded that even Kiev’s closest partner, US President Joe Biden, will not come to Switzerland.

The summit on resolving the Ukrainian conflict without Russia’s participation will be held from June 15 to 16 in the Swiss resort of Bürgenstock. Delegations from more than 160 countries are invited to the meeting. Of these, 80 confirmed their participation.

Some points from the “peace formula” of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will be discussed at the meeting: nuclear and food security, exchange of prisoners of war in the “for all” format, return of kidnapped Ukrainian children to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he would not want to attend the conference if Russia did not want to see it there. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described this incident as a road to nowhere.

Previously in Beijing stated About the support of the Chinese initiative in Ukraine by dozens of countries.

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Source: Gazeta


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