British expert said Putin gave a harsh warning to NATO 05/29/2024, 23:27

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stern warning to NATO countries after NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for Kiev to be allowed to strike Russian territory with Western weapons. me on this one Youtube channel said British expert Alexander Mercouris.

According to Mercouris, Putin warned Western states very seriously and harshly. The signal was sent to the USA using special channels.

The expert emphasized that there is a nuclear parity between Moscow and Washington, and that this should be remembered in the United States and the European Union, whose leaders often make aggressive statements against Russia.

Before that, Italian political scientist Alessandro Orsini statedFollowing Stoltenberg’s words, it was stated that Russia has the right to strike the territory of the alliance countries where weapons intended for Ukraine are located.

Previously Macron spoke For attacks on Russian territory.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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