The role of the foreign agents law in EU membership in Georgia was revealed 19:42

The law on foreign agents adopted by the Georgian parliament will improve the republic’s membership conditions in the European Union (EU). Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze stated this at a briefing. TASS.

“The Transparency Law will create a better basis for Georgia’s membership in the European Union,” he said.

According to Kobakhidze, in the six years until 2030, Georgia will be better prepared for EU membership than all candidate countries. He noted that the Republic would join the organization “with its honour, independence, freedom and sovereignty”.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the document would help “calm the country” and strengthen sovereignty.

28 May Georgian Parliament held a meetingMeanwhile, the president’s veto on the law on foreign agents was overridden. 84 out of 150 MPs voted for the final adoption of the document. The same number of MPs supported the law after its third reading on 14 May. This meeting was supposed to be the last, but Zurabishvili refused to sign the document and vetoed it.

During a previous meeting in the Georgian Parliament on the law on foreign agents soaked deputy

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Source: Gazeta


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