Ukrainian Defense Minister hoped that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would receive F-16s very soon 16:21

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov expressed his hope that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive the first F-16 fighter jets “very, very soon.” His words guide the way Reuters.

When asked about the number of fighters, Umerov said: “We need as many as we can get.”

He noted that at this stage, Ukraine is focusing on preparing the infrastructure for the use of F-16, as well as training pilots and personnel. Umerov also said Kiev was working to attract operations and maintenance teams.

Before this, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo statedHe said Belgium would do everything possible to deliver at least some of its 30 American F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as early as 2024.

Belgium and Ukraine signed a security agreement that includes providing financial assistance of 977 million euros to Kiev. According to De Croo, the signed document envisages the supply of F-16s to Ukraine by 2028. He assured that the fighters will leave their Belgian hangars and arrive in Ukraine this year.

Previously Russian Armed Forces hit an airfield in Ukraine preparing to receive F-16s.

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Source: Gazeta


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