In Germany, they described the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces against Russia as “completely normal” 13:56

Ukraine’s allies should allow Kiev to attack targets on Russian territory with Western weapons because this is “completely normal.” Bundestag deputy Roderich Kiesewetter stated this in an interview with the channel. Strip.

“This is completely normal for world practice,” he noted (quote from RIA Novosti).

Kiesewetter also considered it necessary to send a contingent of Western forces to Ukraine to carry out a range of tasks, including logistics, medical services and demining.

Formerly Chancellor Olaf Scholz statedWhile Germany has reached its limit in terms of aid to Ukraine, Berlin’s task is to help Kiev without allowing the conflict between Russia and NATO countries to escalate.

Previously in Germany said About the conditions of use of weapons supplied by Kiev.

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Source: Gazeta


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