Poland and Baltic countries threatened to send troops to Ukraine 16:39

Parliamentarians of the Baltic states did not exclude the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine if the situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) worsens significantly. Der Spiegel reports this.

No details were given in the broadcast. Moreover, the material does not indicate who exactly made such statements.

On May 25, the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky statedKiev has not received any offer from any country to send military personnel to Ukraine; It was stated that all information about this came only from the media.

May 23 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban aforementionedHe said that Western countries will refrain from sending their soldiers to Ukrainian territory and will not transfer weapons there that would allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to hit targets deep in the Russian Federation.

Before that, Ludivine Dedonder, head of the Belgian Ministry of Defense saidIt was stated that the issue of sending military personnel to Ukrainian territory is not on the agenda in Belgium.

Formerly Armed Forces of Ukraine tested To finish off an officer of the French Legion who was captured by the Russian Armed Forces.

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Source: Gazeta


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