Moldova asks Russia to hand over opposition politician and husband of singer Jasmine 14:22

Moldovan authorities have requested from Russia the extradition of Ilan Shor, leader of the Moldovan opposition party “Victory” and husband of singer Jasmine. This was announced by the Moldovan Minister of Justice Veronica Mikhailov-Moraru on the TV channel. TVR Moldova.

In Moldova, Shor was sentenced to 15 years in prison for laundering $1 billion.

“We also requested a refund.” [Шора] from the Russian Federation for the implementation of the decisions of the Appeals Board. [Кишинева]. “We have not received an answer so far,” the Minister said.

In addition, the country’s Ministry of Justice is trying to obtain confirmation from official sources of the statements in the media regarding Shor’s Russian citizenship, and the ministry is also waiting for a response from Israeli authorities to the repeated requests for the extradition of the politician.

In May Ilan Shor in an interview statedThat I got a Russian passport.

At the end of April, at a forum in Moscow, Moldovan opposition parties agreed to create a political bloc called “Victory”.

Previously Shore stated About his intention to become Prime Minister of Moldova.

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Source: Gazeta


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