Serbian President warns world of global catastrophe due to conflict in Ukraine 08:14

If the conflict in Ukraine is not stopped now, it will turn into a global military disaster. These concerns were expressed live by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic TV Prva.

“I hope that there is very little time left for the war in Ukraine to stop, but I’m afraid this is not possible. “I’m afraid, as I said before, the train has already left the station and no one will be able to stop it,” the Serbian leader said.

According to Vucic, the situation will get worse and a tragedy much greater than World War II may occur. At the same time, the politician emphasized that he wanted to be wrong in his decisions, but the facts built “according to the logic of iron determinism” showed that a global world conflict was approaching.

The Serbian President noted that when the war machine accelerated, the military lobby and arms lobby took action and demanded escalation, and that it was difficult to stop the conflict. Therefore, now may be the last moment for anyone to try to do something to stop the conflict rather than shifting the blame to the other party.

May 17 Vucic statedNo matter what Russia or Ukraine wants to resolve their differences, Serbia is always ready to help but is too small for that; Mediation between Moscow and Kiev should be carried out by Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden.

Previously Vucic meets With Zelensky’s wife.

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Source: Gazeta


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