Biden signed the decree banning uranium imports from Russia 02:40

US President Joe Biden signed the law banning uranium imports from Russia to the US. This information was reported by the White House press service, it says TASS.

The United States will ban imports of unirradiated, low-enriched uranium produced in Russia or by Russian companies, according to the document signed Monday.

On April 30, the US Senate passed a bill banning imports of enriched uranium from Russia. However, in cases of extreme necessity, where alternative uranium sources are not available to support the operation of US reactors, or when such purchases are in the national interest, the law allows imports to continue until January 2028.

The document also obligates the Department of Energy to seek alternatives to replace uranium supplies from Russia and submit them to Congress.

The United States believes that banning uranium imports from Russia will help the country get rid of dependence on Russia in the field of peaceful nuclear energy. This view was expressed by United States Vice President for Homeland Security Jake Sullivan.

The legislation signed by President Biden will strengthen the country’s energy and economic security by reducing and ultimately eliminating dependence on Russia for peaceful nuclear energy.

The $2.72 billion allocation approved by Congress upon Biden’s request will create uranium enrichment capacity in the United States.

Previously, the media wrote that the supply of uranium from Russia to the USA was banned. hit According to Indians.

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Source: Gazeta


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