Local governments in Ukraine will only be able to use the Ukrainian language 17:57

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed the law on local self-government, which obliges officials and deputies at the regional level to use only the state Ukrainian language. The press service of the Verkhovna Rada reported this on its Telegram channel.

The text says, “The President of Ukraine signed the Law on Amendments to the Law on “Local Self-Government” in order to ensure the transparency of local self-government.”

By law, lawmakers, local government officials and other speakers during council hearings must use only the state language. In addition, meetings should be recorded on video and these videos should later be published on the Internet. In addition, information on property rights issues of regional communities should be published on the websites of local governments.

Before reportedParents of first-graders at Novosibirsk Gymnasium No. 1 are outraged that their children are given mathematics homework in Ukrainian.

A paratrooper had previously jumped from a high building in Moscow. suspicious He was detained for supporting Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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