Puig plans office in Madrid to make Community visible

The bipolar relationship between the Valencian Community and Madrid means you have to be in Madrid despite the messages about decentralization. Even. “You have to be more than you should be in a normal country,” one senior executive sums up. The truth is that the Generalitat has consolidated its presence with events held during this month by the Valencian Community in the capital, which spent its big day yesterday in Madrid with two discussions and a meeting with Valencians.

Consell president Ximo Puig presided over the day. But beyond these actions, its aim is the stability of the Valencian Community’s institutional presence in the great capital. In this sense, the Manager is considering the opening of a center for the Valencian Community in Madrid. The approach is designed primarily for a business purpose, to support the central presence of the Valencian productive fabric. The other leg will be cultural. However, the project has not been finalized yet.

The Conexus Foundation is now focusing on its stable presence in Madrid. It is a private organization that brings together various Valencian companies. Since 2017, Generalitat has entered into an agreement with this institution, where it occupies and manages some of the offices that the Autonomous Administration has held in the capital since the term of Eduardo Zaplana’s presidency. The Valencian Government now plans to go a step further in its strategy in Madrid with a stable and public presence (Conexus is now a private foundation headed by Manuel Broseta).

However, the Generalitat refrains from referring to a “delegation” as mini-embassies, as the Catalan Government has formed in various cities, including Madrid.

The Puig Government has placed an increased emphasis on making the Community visible. The events of these weeks in Madrid and the idea of ​​establishing a stable office fit into this. about “raise your hand” In the center of the state by the periphery Spain. This may be the summary of recent actions in the capital.

The claim has a political component in an autonomy not only from the least visible part of Spanish territory, but also from a very distinctive ideological profile due to the figure of its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. It is therefore a question of raising a hand at the core of neoliberal policies for the validity of another model that Valencian Left Leaders want to justify. In Puig’s vision, expressed yesterday in Madrid, this would be an example of social justice and sustainable growth, a system that aims to combine economic development and the public protection of the welfare state.

Puig was accompanied by Minister Diana Morant yesterday at the events held at the Giner de los Ríos Foundation. The head of Consell spoke with a group of Valencian journalists in the capital: Marisol Hernández (El Periódico de España), Javier Ruiz (Ser and RTVE), José Luis Pérez (Cope), Inés Ballester (Telemadrid), Maria Forner (À Punt). Puig also titled the talk: “The Valencian Community is the closest thing to Spain”. For the absence of coincidences and the absence of noise and order. At the meeting and in the Valencia area.

Source: Informacion


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