PP opens the door to appear in the case of Monica Oltra

Despite resigning from all his duties, People’s Party It is thought that more income can be obtained from attribution. Monica Oltra alleged cover-up of her ex-husband’s case of sexual abuse of a minor protected by the Generalitat. Your regional leader Carlos MazonHe pointed out that “conditions have changed” and that the training “at the expense” of obtaining legal reports to decide whether to appear in the case the former vice president is investigating. This was announced in an appearance presented by Mazón in Valencia, where he noted how “vomiting” the issue was and criticized the “ostrich” stance of president Ximo Puig.

This is not the first time the Valencian right has focused on this in the role played by the leader. PSPVAlthough his relationship with Oltra has completely deteriorated due to the wear and tear caused by his second place situation, he has been accused of lack of leadership and keeping quiet in recent months. council. Wondering what Botànic’s moral rank is, Mazón added, “There are more than a dozen charges still on their posts for the same thing,” adding, “One for Oltra and one for general manager if anything. ”.

It’s not the first time they’ve been announced that they’ve read from PPCV. why to appear Against Oltra, her number two María José Catalá made it just over a month ago. If the popular ones did come out, they would be the fourth indictment against the former vice president, being added to the initials of Vox founder Cristina Seguí and Spain 2000’s leader José Luis Roberto, to which Vox was later added. The origins of these accusations prompted both Oltra and Compromise to reiterate that the judicial process, which ended in their resignations, was a hunt promoted by the far right.

Beyond internal problems BotanicalMazón’s appearance also served to deal with other issues, such as the Community of Madrid’s decision to relax scholarship award criteria; help families With an income of more than 100,000 Euros. In this sense, the PPCV president argued that the priority of the scholarships is “those who need it most”, but also evaluated the progress of the scholarship recipients as “positive”. “merit”, capacity and advancement criteria”.

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