Germany calls for spending more on civil defense due to NWO 12:50

German Interior Minister Nancy Feser said the country needed to modernize its civil defense system “due to the situation and threats in Europe.” This will require additional funding, she said in an interview with the agency. DPA.

“We will need to make significant additional investments in good warning systems, modern helicopters and other equipment. The same goes for the effective protection of critical infrastructure and supplies in the event of a crisis,” said Feser.

The minister added that the security situation in Europe has changed after the start of Russia’s special operation against Ukraine. This has also led to hybrid threat risks such as cyber attacks, disinformation and espionage.

Previously at the German Ministry of Internal Affairs statedUkrainian men who have refugee status and receive assistance in Germany will not be deprived of their privileges. He described the situation regarding the refusal of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions to issue documents to their citizens as a “consular and legal matter” that falls solely under the jurisdiction of Kiev.

Previously in the EU Reacted On the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding consular services for persons responsible for military service.

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Source: Gazeta


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