Unides Podem reaches out to mediate between PSPV and Compromis

Between Botànic’s two main partners, the waters have been very unsteady in the last two months. PSPV-PSOE and Compromise. The growing tension around Monica Oltra until she was impeached drove the formations so far away that Generalitat president Ximo Puig learned of the vice president’s resignation at the same time as the rest of the citizenship, that is, while announcing to the media that he was resigning from all his posts. On the other hand, the polls do not contribute to calming the atmosphere within the Valencian Government, as more and more people point to a possible shift to the right in next year’s elections. In this scenario, the third partner of the coalition governing the Community, Combines Podemextends his hand to mediate between PSPV and Compromis. That’s what his parliamentary trustee, Pilar Lima, told Ximo Puig at their meeting in Palau yesterday.

The leader of the Podemists wanted Botànic to stay in tune and give an image of stability when Valencians had a little over ten months to go to the polls again. Yesterday’s meeting was, in principle, scheduled for May, when the president held a round of meetings with the trustees. Pilar Lima’s being covid positive prevented the meeting from being held at the scheduled time, and in the two months from one appointment to the next, council The relationships between and its partners have changed dramatically.

regional accounts

UP’s board of trustees also set their sights on: Generalitat’s budgetsarguing that there should be “dialogue” between Botànic’s three partners. Vice President Aitana Mas articulated a similar line in her debut as Consell’s spokesperson last week. Crevillentina favored the re-establishment of a political commission of three partners of the Government for the pluralistic preparation of regional accounts. They had shown their reluctance before.

After meeting with Ximo Puig, Pilar Lima said that the chairman agreed with him on the importance of regional accounts being accepted by the three partners, regardless of the name of the forum in which it was held, commission or not. policy used on the previous occasion or in some other different terminology. More than negotiating budgets, the UP board of trustees claimed a few words he said he didn’t like. “dialogue, agreements and consensus”albeit with different points of view.

Pilar Lima also expressed hope that the eighth budget prepared by Botànic will be broad and “social” given the current circumstances. economic and social crisis The one we live in, caused by factors such as the war in Ukraine or the increase in the prices of energy and raw materials. “Unides Podem continues to play a fundamental role in Botànic’s stability,” he said at the end of his speech.

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