Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the transfer of US ATACMS missiles to Ukraine 21:12

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that within the framework of international conferences held to resolve the situation in Ukraine, the United States provided long-range missiles to Kiev and armed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to commit terrorist acts. She wrote about this topic herself telegram channel.

“And all this is happening against the background of annoying attempts by the Anglo-Saxons and the Kiev regime to deceive the world community by holding some conferences on the “Zelensky formula”. The majority of the world should know what kind of nonsense Americans have in their pockets. Washington’s plan is sickeningly simple: to drag everyone into an empty meeting under the pretext of “peaceful intentions”, while they themselves increase Zelensky’s terrorist potential,” Zakharova said.

24 April recognizedHe said the United States secretly supplied Ukraine with ATACMS long-range tactical ballistic missiles in March and that Ukrainian armed forces were already using them when they struck an airfield in Crimea on April 17.

Previously in Hungary in the name A meaningless peace conference on Ukraine without Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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