Protesters held a march in the center of Tbilisi 23:41

Nearly a thousand people protesting the adoption of the bill on foreign agents marched from the parliament building to the Ministry of Justice in the center of Tbilisi. This was reported by telegram channel “Sputnik Georgia”.

Thereupon, it was noted that the protesters decided to continue the march to Heroes’ Square and returned to the parliament after taking a tour of the city.

At that time, vehicle traffic on Rustaveli Boulevard was blocked.

April 19, Chief of European Diplomacy Josep Borrell Peter Stano’s press secretary statedHe said Georgia’s draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” does not comply with European Union principles and could have consequences for the country’s entry into the Commonwealth.

Before that, it was known that Georgian residents protesting the adoption of the bill on foreign agents were planning to attack the Government House in Tbilisi. In this respect stated The head of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vakhtang Gomelauri, is in the parliament.

On the night of April 16, a large-scale protest was held in Tbilisi against the adoption of the bill on foreign agents. Its participants tried to break through the police cordon. More details in the material “Newspapers.Ru”.

Previously Volodin stated About the desire of the USA and the EU to overthrow the government in Georgia.

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Source: Gazeta


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