The Federation Council announced the purpose of Scholz’s visit to China regarding Russia 10:41

Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy and Interaction with the Media, believes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will once again try to distance Beijing from Moscow during his visit to China. inside that telegram channel He noted that such attempts are doomed to failure.

“Scholz is in Beijing. “They will make a new attempt to alienate China from Russia, which will probably end up like the attempts of Macron, von der Leyen and Yellen,” Pushkov wrote.

He emphasized that, unlike Russia, the West was “potentially hostile to China” and no amount of negotiations could change that.

The senator reminded that the USA had previously declared China as the “main rival, strategic rival”. In this context, the parliamentarian stated that Beijing will not bow to Western pressure because this would mean “playing against its own interests”.

In the United States it has already been declared its main rival – “strategic rival”. In such a situation, bowing to Western pressure means playing against one’s own interests.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will stay In China from April 13-16. The politician will visit many cities and meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. On the agenda are economic problems and conflicts in Ukraine. Scholz had gone to Beijing with a similar mandate almost two years ago and noticed China’s demand to pressure Russia to prevent the “use of nuclear weapons” in the conflict with Kiev.

Previously China announced that it is ready to provide negotiating conditions to Russia and Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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