Biden called on Congress to approve the sale of F-15 warplanes to Israel 09:07

According to the newspaper, the administration of current US President Joe Biden aims to “pressure” Congress to approve the sale and supply of American F-15 aircraft worth $18 billion to Israel. New York Times With reference to sources.

“The Biden administration is pressuring Congress regarding the sale of $18 billion F-15 aircraft to Israel,” the broadcast said.

The newspaper adds that the State Department recently sent an unofficial notification to US congressional committees that the legal review process of this initiative has begun. According to the publication, this is “the first step towards the department issuing official permission for the transfer of up to 50 aircraft.”

He emphasizes that the F-15s will not be delivered for “at least five years” despite the US stepping up arms supplies for Israel’s current campaign against the Palestinian Hamas movement.

Before that the Hill newspaper WroteHe said the Biden administration was considering a major arms sale to Israel amid calls to halt such actions as the situation in Gaza escalates and a possible IDF operation in Rafah.

Previously Trump in the name Israel ended the war in the Gaza Strip.

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Source: Gazeta


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