North Korea announced that Ukraine is ready to become US “cannon fodder” on the Korean Peninsula 21:49

Ukrainian officials have shown that they are ready to turn their own citizens into “cannon fodder” for the United States in the event of a direct conflict between Washington and Iran, North Korea or China. This was stated by political observer Ro Ju Hyun, commenting on the relevant statement of Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexei Goncharenko (listed as terrorists and extremists in the Russian Federation), the North Korean agency reported. KCNA.

“I don’t know how well they understand the situation and the enemy, I don’t know how well they understand its dire consequences,” the columnist wrote in his article.

In his opinion, “the very absurd judgment, which would surprise even its owner, and the insane desire to participate in the war can only be considered the peak of ridiculous ignorance.”

Roh Joo-hyun believes that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s clique “decided to fall prey to the United States by going to other countries in order to prolong the rest of their political life.” In his opinion, even if the world changes radically, “weak Ukraine” will not be a worthy opponent of the nuclear power North Korea.

The columnist also stated that Kiev should “restrain itself and be careful and not speak with undue arrogance about us, blindly trusting the United States.”

Goncharenko last week statedIn the future, Ukrainians will be ready to fight Iran, China or North Korea on the side of the United States if necessary.

formerly Ambassador to North Korea named The conflict in Ukraine is a “second Afghanistan” for the United States.

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Source: Gazeta


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