A military expert calls Rabotino’s surrender a disaster for the Armed Forces of Ukraine 16:55

Military expert and expert on interethnic conflicts Evgeniy Mikhailov is confident that soon the Russian army will take control of the village of Rabotino, a strategically important area in the Zaporozhye direction. The situation in the village turned into a disaster for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), which was considered the most important part of the front. stated It is on 360 TV channel.

According to the expert, the Ukrainian Armed Forces wanted to cut Russia’s connection with Crimea by crossing the defense line towards Zaporozhye and advancing towards Tokmak. Mikhailov emphasized that these goals were not achieved because Russian troops held the line in this region.

Mikhailov emphasized that it is now important for the Russian army to continue the offensive and exclude the possibility of any advance by the Ukrainian Armed Forces towards Crimea and the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

“Given this fact, we should not talk about the timing of liberating the village, but how we can push the enemy back and not lose our soldiers. The spirit of victory is now on Russia’s side. “The Ukrainian army has no ammunition or food, so they will flee soon,” he is sure.

The military expert added that since these were not urban battles, the Ukrainian army would not have to be “removed” from Rabotino. According to him, the Ukrainian army is “in a deep depression” and therefore will not resist for a long time and surrender.

Let’s remind you a day ago reportedHe said that Russian soldiers entered Rabotino and continued their attacks. How registered military analyst says that the capture of the village will nullify the achievements of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this direction.

Today at the Ministry of Defense reportedHe said the Russian army had taken control of another residential area.

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Source: Gazeta


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