Police searched the Ministry of Equality for eight hours on Monday

According to Levante-EMV, a media outlet, Forensic Police agents searched the Ministry of Equality for eight hours last Monday, just a day before the resignation of department head and Consell vice president Mónica Oltra. Group with this newspaper. The search warrant was to be issued by the 15th Investigation Court of Valencia, which opened the case on 18 June 2021. Investigating whether the Ministry of Equality officials neglected to ignore the complaints of the minor who was abused by an educator, Oltra’s former emotional partner..

During the extended search, forensic officers thoroughly scanned the file on the minor’s case, which was filed on August 8, 2017. A case filed by the second part of the Valencian Court, which convicted the educator of harassment, deemed “out of court” and filed a lawsuit. “discrediting minors”. And there is controversy over who ordered it to open. Equality Department officials investigated in the case, in their statements, denied that the Minister was the inaugural order. However, it was Oltra who brought herself up in her statement to reporters on March 7. on March 7″That report, file, I commissioned it, leave people alone. I ordered the briefing file because I needed to know what it was, I told the General Manager and the General Manager said: “Hey, find out what’s going on here.“. Later, in his defense before the TSJ, Oltra stated that “some Expressions clearly conditioned by the sense of injustice and helplessness he felt when he thought that this accusation was nothing but the instrumentalization of crime what did it require questioning the professionalism of all intervening ministry officialsIn Oltra’s letter, he also recalled Oltra’s defense, in which senior officials under investigation had always argued that “the informative file in question was opened at the request of the Director General for Children and Adolescents”. In a meeting with the Executive Vice President for Children on August 8, 2021″.

Source: Informacion


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