Aitana Mas, crevillentina who could become vice president

More is the name of the crevillentina that can replace it. Monica Oltra Consell as Vice President and Minister for Equality. The current MP and deputy spokesperson for the Valencian Settlement Courts had many tricks to take over this Tuesday, starting with his own decision on this matter, although there are still some limits to be noted. In any case, conditions are not lacking in this early policy. At 21, she became the youngest woman to lead an electoral list in Spain. When she chose to enter the Congress of Deputies, she later had the opportunity to show up at the head of the Generalitat’s Directorate-General for Transparency and Engagement. A race that promises to be unstoppable for a true long-distance runner, with that in mind became provincial cross country champion in cross country modality.

For Aitana Mas, politics comes from the cradle. Born in Crevillent in 1990, into a family committed to progressive values, she always took these ideals as her reference. In fact, his family was part of Esquerra Unida before the split that led to the Poble Valencià Initiative, which would later become part of Compromís. Young Aitana would accompany them on this vital orbit, but without forgetting other obligations such as the work that transformed her. public works technical engineerand a hobby like athletics that led him to join the Marathon Club in his hometown. In fact, he became the provincial cross country champion in cross country modality in 2007, a discipline that required dedication and effort, both of which he applied later in his political career.

His career in this field also started very early, as at just 21 he was selected to head the Compromís-Equo Congress list for the Alicante constituency, thus becoming the youngest candidate in the Spain group. A step he decided to take in the context of the social and economic crisisIt rebels against policies that try to find a way out of this messy moment by attacking the welfare state and mortgaging the future of the generation of which it is a part.

The job did not end well, as he could not take part in the General Courts. On the other hand, in positions he consolidated between 2011 and 2015, he managed to gain access to the Crevillent City Council as a councilor in the opposition and local spokesperson for Compromís.

This young politician’s promising career did not go unnoticed, especially for Manuel Alcaraz, then a party colleague and Minister for Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation, who was his biggest supporter at the time. Appointment as the General Manager of Transparency and Participation.

Displaying a tireless capacity for work to her most direct collaborators, Aitana Mas was a supporter of different initiatives that many of the rules governing the Valencian Courts are currently not understood and have become for them a whole flag. Botanical Government. This is the state of its launch Generalitat’s Transparency PortalAlso, the expression transparency actThis forces lawmakers to be accountable to citizens.

His position at the head of this department between 2015-2019 statewide transparency leaderMany autonomous communities such as the Balearic Islands, the Basque Country or Extremadura have resorted to it to launch similar initiatives on their territory.

Internally, Aitana currently serves as Compromís deputy spokesperson in the Valencian Parliament and was more recently appointed spokesperson for her own party, the Poble Valencià Initiative, following Mireia Mollà, Paco García and Miquel Real.

With the same education as Mónica Oltra, this crevillentina’s promising career makes her a versatile candidate to become the new vice president and Equality minister. She has always been loyal to the maximum ever representative of she compromís and has even recently shared messages of her support. The Nationalists’ first option in the face of the next regional elections is to put Oltra back at the top of the list after he is freed from the charges placed on him. But there are those who see Aitana Mas as a good option for the future.and this is a good opportunity to fire it up when the time comes.

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