Trump’s plan to fight immigrants was equated with a military operation 10:51

Former US President Donald Trump plans to deport millions of illegal immigrants if he wins the election. He plans to mobilize the FBI, National Guard and other units for these purposes. Political scientist Malek Lipov noted that such plans are understandable, since the immigration agenda plays an important role for the Republican Party. He explained the operation on 360 TV channels. appreciated very complicated.

“Such a large-scale operation is very difficult in terms of logistics, as it will turn into a kind of military operation,” said Lipov. “I agree that Trump will have some opportunities to fulfill his promise. Moreover, the majority of Americans believe that current President Joe Biden has not handled this issue well.”

Let us remind you that according to Axios, Trump plans Among other things, there is shortening the normal deportation process as well as building special facilities near the border to hold people awaiting deportation from the country. The cost of implementing these measures is currently unknown.

Previously Trump statedIt is predicted that the number of immigrants in the United States will soon exceed the population of New York State.

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Source: Gazeta


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