Oltra was placed at the center of the national stage between ministerial support for Puig and the PP’s reproaches.

After the initial backlash in Madrid on Thursday, assessments of the complex political situation Mónica Oltra was going through yesterday increased exponentially. The accusation of Consell’s vice-president takes an important place in national television and radio news, and the opening of the websites of many large media organizations in this country further increases the pressure on the media organizations in this country. Botanical Government and question its stability. The political leaders of the state also did not miss the opportunity to present their views on the call by the TSJCV to declare Oltra.

There were three ministers who came out of Pedro Sánchez’s manager to get closer together. Ximo Puig and leaving the responsibility of whether to step down or not to the Compromise leader. The People’s Party, on the other hand, focused on the relationship between the Minister for Equality and Yolanda Díaz, in an attempt to discredit the consolidation of the left that took place in Spain ahead of the 2023 election cycle.

Secretary of Defense Margarita Robles considered Vice President. generalitat He’s the one who has to “make the decision” about whether to resign after being accused. Asked by journalists, Robles replied that “every man must always know what he is doing”. The head of defense added: “It’s the political leaders who have to decide, it’s not my place to give any advice or opinions.”

Science Minister Diana Morant said she would respect the decision made by Puig. other should resign after being accused or not. “I’d bet on absolute respect for judicial processes and also on absolute respect for decisions made by the different rulers, in this case President Puig’s Executive,” he said.

The last minister to arrive to present his assessment, in chronological order, was Presidential Félix Bolaños, who expressed his respect for the Government’s judicial decisions and endorsed President Puig’s statements on Thursday after learning of the call. of Oltra. “My position on this issue is the same as that expressed by Puig, and I am making his statements myself,” said the minister. The president of the Presidency insisted, “A due process The only thing we can express from the Government that affects a particular person is respect for judicial decisions ».

From the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, reiterated the arguments she made during her visit to Valencia last week. Ayuso stated that she believes Oltra should do the same thing she demands from others before she does. “disgusting” deeds He says they are getting to know each other. From Madrid, the president stressed that the fault “was not in the judges or other politicians” and that they were talking about “a pseudo-feminist woman who devised a plan to corner the victim and point her out”.

Other voices of the PP, what’s going on in the Botànic Government unification of the left The vice president was destined to assume an important role. This was the reason that prompted Cuca Gamarra, the general secretary of the popular party, to request Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz to explain whether Oltra was still her “political reference” after she was impeached. “Both are part of a movement called other policies,” Gamarra added, before insisting he waits for a response from Díaz.

Meanwhile, the second vice-president of the Government was cautious and his position could only be known through his team, citing Oltra’s pre-trial statements. TSJCV next July 6th. Like Díaz, the main positions of the state leadership of Podemos or the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, did not speak publicly about the imputation of Valencian politics.

Source: Informacion


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