Biden says refusing to help Ukraine threatens US and NATO security 04:36

Biden says refusing to help Ukraine threatens US and NATO security 04:36

Failure to reach an agreement in the US Congress on allocating the next aid package to Ukraine threatens US national security and could harm NATO and the entire world. This was stated in a statement by the White House press service after the meeting between US President Joe Biden and members of Congress. TASS.

It was noted that the US president discussed with lawmakers the possible consequences of his inaction for Ukraine and the US.

“HE [Байден] “He made clear that continued inaction by Congress endangers the national security of the United States, NATO, and the rest of the free world,” the document says. It is stated that Biden called for the allocation of funds as soon as possible to support Kiev, thus sending a signal to allies.

Previously in the US Congress statedHe said that the situation in Ukraine was getting worse for Kiev and that without US help the situation could change irreversibly.

Previously at the White House assumedHe said some Western countries could follow the US example and also refuse financial support to Ukraine.

Previously Zelensky’s office accused Western countries supply military components to Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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