Ministers Robles and Morant believe it is Oltra who must decide whether to resign and they will respect Puig’s decision.

Reactions by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Commonwealth of Valencia (TSJCV) to the accusation of Mónica Oltra regarding the management of her ex-husband’s abuses against a minor protected by the Generalitat Valenciana continue in chains this Friday. Secretary of Defence, Margaret OaksHe thinks the Generalitat’s vice president should “make the decision” about whether to step down after being impeached. if you asked other Whether he resigned or not, the Secretary of Defense replied that “everyone should always know what they are doing”. “It’s the political leaders who have to decide, it’s not for me to give any advice or opinion,” he told the press at the presentation of the Military Emergency Unit’s Fight Against Forest Fires campaign. Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) Base Antenna.

Minister of Science, Diana Morantexpressed his respect for the decision taken by the Generalitat president this Friday, Ximo Puigon whether or not Oltra would resign after being impeached. This is how the Valencian minister expressed himself in an interview with Telecinco, compiled by Europa Press, when asked if Oltra would resign. What I’m going to say is absolute respect for the judicial process, but also absolute respect for the decisions taken by the different rulers, in this case President Ximo Puig’s Executive.”

General secretary of the People’s Party and spokesperson for the People’s Parliamentary Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, asked Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz to explain whether the Generalitat’s vice president continued to be her “political reference” after being impeached. Speaking of Oltra for Gamarra, Yolanda Diaz“As both are part of a movement called ‘other policies’,” the PP is now asking Díaz to explain whether Oltra continues to be a “political and personal reference” for the minister, as Gamarra comments. “Today, following this indictment, Oltra needs to clarify whether she continues to be Díaz’s political reference. If you think she could be the political reference of a politician, something or someone, who was held accountable for her administration if her then-husband abused a minor under his responsibility,” she critiqued. Gamarra in a video posted on the Popular Party’s Twitter profile.

In this sense, the ‘popular’ spokesperson questioned Díaz and Oltra’s political movement, saying that “there is another way to do politics accordingly”. “Is this the other way to serve the citizens? To take advantage of your position to protect your then-husband or career, instead of what was your responsibility, minors under guardianship‘ he asked himself. He repeatedly accused ‘leftist women’ who, in his view, did not defend children in need of care, but gave ‘lessons’. Not a single woman on the left is defending minors in care. Everyone who teaches us so much today is silent.” Gamarra continues to end the video, insisting that the second vice-president cannot remain silent” or that there may be someone with this file. political reference absolutely nothing.”

Co-spokesperson for reconciliation Agueda Mico Puig said that if he decides to unilaterally dismiss Oltra against the will of the coalition, it would mean “breaking the Botanical project”. This is how Micó spoke on the show “Les Notícies del Matí” in À Punt. as group. He showed Compromís support for Oltra and that if Puig made the decision to dismiss him without the approval of the other partners, it would be a “breach of trust” and therefore, between botanical project. For Micó, the red line to ask for the vice president’s resignation is the end of the judicial process, as with other party officials involved in the legal proceedings for criminal complaints initiated by the right and the far right. Coalition co-spokesperson Oltra admitted that “it has not been an easy time” for Compromís or Consell, but believes we should not fall into the “trap” of the right and far-right, not get into their game or their game. Let them mark Botànic’s political agenda. “It would be a bad move for next election year,” said Micó, who said it was a good time for Consell to step down in the face of an “unfair situation” and was convinced it would end in Oltra’s acquittal. .

PSOE’s federal spokesperson, Philip SicilyAfter Oltra’s accusation, he stated that he “respects the judicial decisions” and that he is waiting for “his own explanation”. This was stated in Jaén this Friday and to journalists’ questions about the TSJCV’s decision and its possible ramifications in the Executive Committee chaired by socialist Ximo Puig. “Right now we respect Judicial decisions, as we always do. We know that the vice president of the Generalitat showed up today. We will wait for Consel to answer the questions they want to ask and find the opportunity to explain himself before the Oltra press conference after the plenary meeting,” he said. In this sense, he referred to the demonstrations of the “socialist comrades of the Valencian Community” on Thursday, where Puig avoided taking steps that he could take. will show itself,” he decided.

“For the sake of the Valencians, Puig must end his immoral deal with Compromís”. This is how the autonomous coordinator of Ciudadanos (Cs) expressed himself in the Valencian Community, Maria Munoz, regarding the imputation of Oltra by TSJCV. Insisting on Oltra’s “resignation or sudden dismissal” from all public office, Muñoz also demanded that Puig expel his associates from the Valencian Government. closed rows around being accused of some absolutely vile alleged crimes. “When Oltra himself confirms that he will not leave, the ball is in the president’s court,” said the liberal spokesman. “Oltra’s departure is no longer enough, Comproís ballast as Puig’s Government partner.” “Those who want to resign from the right when they rule, they use another criterion when it comes to their own.”

The VOX Comunidad Valenciana caucus demanded that Puig and Oltra appear after the vice-president’s accusation. spokesperson of the group Main Vega“We have requested from VOX that President Puig be brought before the General Assembly urgently to explain what his decision will be regarding Mónica Oltra after he has been impeached,” he said. “We have also requested that the Minister of Transparency appear to report on compliance with the Good Governance Act regarding the impeachment of the vice president and, finally, the emergence of Oltra himself. we meet somewhere critical moment “For the Generalitat Government, where the vice president is dragging public institutions in the mud,” he said. Vega insisted that “now the responsibility, all responsibility falls solely and exclusively to the head of the Generalitat, who must abruptly dismiss Oltra.” And she said, “We can’t have a continuing vice president in the Government accused of hiding the sexual abuse of a minor under the tutelage of her then-husband.” Finally, Vega said, “This government is unsustainable and the citizens don’t deserve a government that only works to stay in power and doesn’t care about the people, so we demand that Puig call an election as soon as possible.”

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