Alicante remains outside Abascal’s new dome at Vox

leader of Vox, Santiago Abascalcarried out a restructuring of the party leadership, a move characterized, among other aspects, by openness to different regional representatives. However, this action does not mean that the hand is opened. Alicante. Due to the presence of two other provinces of the Valencian Community, representatives of the ultra party in the province are in a disadvantaged position. The post in Valencia is held by Vicente Barrera, vice-president of the Generalitat, while the post in Castellón is held by Llanos Massó, president of the Valencia Cortes. Vox’s Alicante residents feel re-victimized after previous events, such as the dismissal of Ana Vega as speaker of the Cortes or the lack of institutional representation in the Consell or the Regional Parliamentary Board. However, Abascal’s proposal will need to be approved at the Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on January 27.

good results

Laments in between Alicante from Vox They stand out for two main reasons. First, both Valencia and Castellón are represented. Secondly, they regret that the good results they have achieved in the province in recent years compared to other regions cannot serve to further recognition of Abascal. HE widespread discontent You can see this, for example, when comparing the data with Castellón’s data. Alicante gained four and five MPs in the last two regional elections, while Castellón gained two and three MPs. At the national level the numbers range from three and two deputies from Alicante to one and one deputies from Castellón. As for the number of councillors, the current figures in Alicante are around 70 councillors, while in Castellón the number barely exceeds twenty. In total, Alicante has a higher vote share than Valencia and Castellón in the general election. In this context, it is also regrettable that the only relevant position at the institutional level of the state is that of the regional Minister of Justice, Eduardo Ruiz.

existence Llanos Masso Abascal’s leadership confirms the recent rise of the party’s so-called ultra-Catholic segment. Another proof of this is the reinforcement given to Ignacio Garriga, who is currently the only vice president. The biggest support Alicante received from Abascal’s circle came from Javier Ortega Smith and Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. The latter no longer exists, while the former has served as a member in the new administration and shares this position with four regional vice presidents, among them: Vicente Barrera. The other three are Juan García-Gallardo, José Ángel Antelo and Alejandro Nolasco. “These are people with a lot of work and obligations who will attend meetings just to confirm Abascal and Garriga,” say Vox sources in Alicante.

Ortega Smith

The party in the province has always had a strong connection with Ortega Smith, and the party’s Alicante representatives believe they are going through a purge following his fall from grace. In this context, new power distribution Valencian CommunityThis became apparent last December, when it was announced that Ana Vega had been dismissed and replaced by José María Llanos as the new speaker of the Cortes. This sector is also trying to take control of Vox in Alicante, where Ana Vega is currently vice president. national deputy David Garcia or the leader in Elche Aurora Rodil These are some of the first names starting to emerge for a possible succession.

On the other hand, Barrera’s entrance abascal dome On the same day, Generalitat Valenciana president Carlos Mazón distanced himself from criticism by former Consell president Ximo Puig for his participation in the tribute paid to Manuel Broseta on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of his death. Murder at the hands of ETA. “I don’t agree with him. Among other things, I’m glad Puig came because it was the express wish of Manuel Broseta’s children. And when the children of a terror victim say something, it is sacred to me,” Mazón said. Barrera filed a criminal complaint social networks He said Puig took center stage at the memorial “as PSOE handed Spain over to Otegui and the rest of the gang.”

Source: Informacion


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