PSPV condemns Alicante Provincial Council’s call for a course on “domestic violence” for local police officers

Raquel Marín, PSPV-PSOE deputy of the Provincial Assembly of Alicante, condemned: “The People’s Party called for a course for the Local Police before the election. domestic violence He clearly buys the arguments of Vox’s far right. “It is clear that they are starting to pay the price imposed by the far right.”

Marín insisted: “We must remind popular MPs that what they call domestic violence is called gender violence or sexist violence. We need to remember these deniers Those who do not want to see the scourge of our society. “It is a scourge that already kills more women than ETA.”

The Socialist MP made these statements after learning that the Alicante Provincial Council offers courses on “acting”. local police “against domestic violence” here “the program explicitly talks about gender and domestic violence.”

Marín stated: “55 women were killed in Spain due to gender-based violence in 2023; This is six more deaths than in 2022 overall. According to the Department for Equality’s balance sheet, there were no deaths in 41 of the 55 cases. previous complaintnor requested by the victim. “We socialists will continue to fight against this scourge that some want to ignore.”

Source: Informacion


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