The United States thinks the impending resignation of the European Council president undermines the authority of the post 15:09

The intention of European Council President Charles Michel to leave his post at the beginning of the summer raises the question of the importance of this task. An American newspaper writes about this Policy.

“This [досрочная отставка] The article notes that a strange signal is sent about the importance or significance of the work of the president of the European Council.

As an example, the author gives the position of the President of the United States, who was left only under force majeure conditions, such as the physical liquidation of the incumbent politician.

The publication writes that Michel’s decision may indicate not only that the president of the European Council does not consider his own role important, but also his desire to shift the solution of issues related to the conflict between Hungary and other EU countries to his successor.

But as an official close to Michel told Politico, EU leaders were not surprised by the announcement of his future resignation and agreed with his decision.

Information that the current president of the European Council, Charles Michel, will retire in early summer 2024 was published in Politico on January 7. approved Michel’s assistant. The politician plans to become a European MP, and for this he will have to leave his current position.

If EU leaders cannot quickly agree on the candidacy of the new president of the European Council, this person will be Viktor Orban, because Hungary will preside over the Council of the European Union at that time.

Previously recognizedPerson being considered for the post of president of the European Council.

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Source: Gazeta


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