Display of Nazi symbols and salutes banned in Australia 07:08

Australian authorities have completely banned the display of Nazi salutes and Nazi symbols. This was announced by the country’s Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus. press service departments.

Relevant restrictions have been introduced throughout the country since January 8. It is now illegal in Australia to glorify acts and symbols honoring the Nazis and their ideology. Those who violate this ban will face 12 months in prison.

December 26 Russian President Vladimir Putin stated About the request for cooperation in the CIS in the fight against Nazism.

Two days ago Sylvie Baypo-Temon, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Central African Republic (CAR) stated About the need to resist the revival of Nazism.

In October last year, St. Dzerzhinsky court of St. Petersburg arrested Swiss citizen Silvan Stadelmann for displaying Nazi symbols.

Previously UN General Assembly accepted Russian decision on the fight against the glorification of Nazism.

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Source: Gazeta


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