House of Representatives called on the White House to develop a strategy for Ukraine 18:33

US President Joe Biden’s administration should explain what the US strategy is towards Kiev. US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson stated this in an interview with the channel. GIS.

“What are we achieving in Ukraine? What is our strategy? What is our purpose? How do we control these precious taxpayer funds?” said.

The speaker noted that allocating money for aid to Ukraine would increase the US national debt, which currently exceeds $34 trillion. He asked the White House for answers.

January 7 Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa statedHe said his government would send $37 million to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) fund to provide UAV detection systems to Ukraine.

Previously former US leader Donald Trump statedthat current President Joe Biden could start the third world war and destroy the United States even before the presidential election.

Previously French historian guess NATO’s defeat in Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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